Handcrafted from Europe

About Amova Luxury

Founded in 2003, Amova Luxury (AMOVA) is an internationally recognized boutique jewelry house specializing in handcrafted statement accessories made of gemstones, silver and gold for both men and women.

AMOVA is designed with intellectual, visionaries, creatives in mind - people who love the mystery and fantasy of the world just like founder and designer Svetlana Amova herself. Inspired by international ideas, cultures and traditions, each collection transforms grand thoughts and emotions into luxurious and one-of-a-kind art pieces. AMOVA is constructed to attract attention, spark conversation and connect individuals.

AMOVA turns any occasion into a special one. The exclusive AMOVA cufflinks have been coveted by global politicians, prominent business figures and Hollywood celebrities.

AMOVA is inspired by the world and handcrafted in Europe.

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